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The Great Moose Migration


The Great Moose Migration returns on SVT for the third time with a total of 29 cameras, 23 remote-controlled cameras, four-night vision cameras, one superzoom, and one drone.

Do you want to learn more about the setup? Watch this video: The Great Moose Migration: Behind the scenes.

The Black Grouse

Apart from trying to catch as many moose as possible on camera, we will also try to get a glimpse of the black grouses' special dance that they perform to attract a mate.

For how long will The Great Moose Migration run?

From Sunday 18th of April to 9th of May.

We broadcast around the clock on SVT Play and Twitch. It will be on SVT Kunskapskanalen all night and until 14:00 on weekdays and until 09:00 on weekends.

Where are the cameras located?

The location is Kullberg, near Junsele. Information about which camera is active at the moment can be found HERE.En karta över hur kamerorna i Den stora älgvandringen är placerade.

Why is there a counter on the screen?

It represents the number of moose that have crossed the Ångermanälven river onto the mainland. 

Is there a way to only watch the highlights?

Yes, you can find one for each day here:

Monday 19 AprilTuesday 20 AprilWednesday 21 April Thursday 22 April Friday 23 April Saturday 24 April Sunday 25 April Monday 26 AprilTuesday 27 AprilWednesday 28 AprilThursday 29 AprilFriday 30 AprilSaturday 1 MaySunday 2 MayMonday 3 MayTuesday 4 May – Wednesday 5 MayThursday 6 May

Make your own shareable link to a timecode:

1. Go to and choose the right episode.

2. Press Play and scroll to the event you want to share.

3. Pause and copy the URL.

4. You've now created a link to that specific timecode.

Who is Laban?

Laban is a curlew. Watch this!

Show me some moose!

Moose walking towards the camera

First swimmers

Moose falls through the ice

Moose finds the microphone


The Great Moose Migration on SVT Play

The Great Moose Migration on Twitch