The Great Moose Migration


The Great Moose Migration returns on SVT for the fourth time!

Do you want to learn more about the setup? Watch this video from last year: The Great Moose Migration: Behind the scenes.


The information will be update soon.


For how long will The Great Moose Migration run?

From the 22th of April to 8th of May.

We broadcast around the clock on SVT Play It will be on SVT Kunskapskanalen all night and until 14:00 on weekdays and until 09:00 on weekends.

Where are the cameras located?

The location is Kullberg, near Junsele. 

Make your own shareable link to a timecode:

1. Go to and choose the right episode.

2. Press Play and scroll to the event you want to share.

3. Pause and copy the URL.

4. You've now created a link to that specific timecode.

Show me some moose from last year!

Moose walking towards the camera

First swimmers

Moose falls through the ice

Moose finds the microphone